India, UAE increase trade footprint world over: UAE minister Omar Sultan Al Olama

Omar bin Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications, during a three-day global conference on technology in New Delhi, said that the UAE and India can work together to substantially increase their footprint across the world through commerce.

Now is the time to dominate the world through commerce, and countries like India and the UAE can work together to substantially increase the footprint across the world. “The way to dominate the world today is through commerce. If countries like India and the UAE can work together, we can substantially increase our footprint in the world,” Olama, in his video interaction, told ORF president

The UAE minister said that there are ingrained roots between India and the UAE and in multiple possible areas for cooperation, particularly in collaboration between startups in both countries.

Further, talking about the use of AI in crude oil production, the UAE minister said that the country wants to apply AI to increase efficiencies to reduce the cost of each barrel.

“We really need to spend on our infrastructure. We’ll use AI to manage traffic effectively to ensure that people do not get gridlock as you see over places even though we have increased traffic flows across the bay,” Olama said.

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