Acting powerhouse, Manoj Bajpayee – Quit dancing after Hrithik Roshan arrived.

Main kar hi nahi sakta (I can never do it). Honestly, I did try it once but I failed miserably.
Years back, I danced at Filmfare on a song from Ghaath. At the end of it, I was so tired, huffing and puffing, I realised this is not my cup of tea. And then the day Hrithik Roshan arrived in the scene, I gave up dancing. I couldn’t go back to dance school to learn all these new moves. I told everyone to please keep me out of it.”
From Satya, Shool, and Rajneeti to Gangs of Wasseypur and Aligarh, India has witnessed what an acting powerhouse Manoj Bajpayee is.

The actor added that while people feel he is the hero, it’s his characters that are the star of his projects. Bajpayee said, “I am still playing the characters, they, in turn, have become heroes. Nothing drastic has changed, except, earlier I would be one of the three characters, now I am leading the story. And it’s such a great thing to happen. And if it’s because of me, I am glad because somewhere people are now writing heroes as characters. That’s a great sign for the coming days.”

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