‘Feel better than I did 20 years ago’, says Donald Trump, to leave hospital later today – world news


US President Donald Trump said Monday he will be leaving the military hospital, where he has been under treatment for Covid-19, later in the day as he felt “better than (he) did 20 years ago”.

The medical team treating him said that though the president “may not entirely be out of the woods yet”, he met all requirements for discharge; he has had no fever for the last 72 hours and his blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen levels were normal.

“I will be leaving the great Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 P.M (4 am Tuesday IST),” he wrote in a tweet. “Feeling really good! Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!”

“The President has continued to improve,” Sean Conley, the president’s physician told reporters, “He’s met or exceeded all standard hospital discharge criteria and (will) receive another dose of Remdesivir here today. And then we plan to get him home.”

“He is back,” he added.

The team planned to discharge him later after administering the fourth dose of Remdesivir, the anti-viral drug that is known to cut recovery time for Covid-19 patients. They did not say if he will continue to also get Dexamethasone, a steroid he was given earlier to prevent oxygen levels from dropping.

Asked how safe was it for the president to return to the White House when he was still not out of the 7 to 10 days period, Conley said the team was being “cautiously optimistic, and on guard, because we’re in a bit of uncharted territory when it comes to a patient that received the therapies he has so early in the course”.

“So, we’re looking to this weekend. If we can get through to Monday with him remaining the same or improving, better yet, then we will all take that final deep sigh of relief.”

The medical team had said Sunday that they had expected to discharge the president on Monday because had been doing well. Trump was airlifted to the Walter Reed Medical Hospital Center on Friday after he showed symptoms of severe Covid-19, high fever and a rapid drop in blood oxygen levels.

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