Turkey: Kitten with four ears becomes Instagram star; social media users amazed at adorable feline


Midas currently has over 45,000 Instagram supporters after the first picture was shared from the cat’s official handle

Funny videos or images of animals are usually popular on social media but this adorable kitten is breaking the Internet. A kitten born with four ears has created a buzz on Instagram after its pictures went viral.

Midas, the four-month-old cat, has been identified as a Russian blue mix that is adopted by a woman in Turkey. The Dosemeci family, who have adopted the cat, already possess two adorable pets.

Canis Dosemeci, the kitten’s owner, took to social media and created an account for the feline on Instagram. Post her social media debut, Midas has also amassed a sizable following due to the images that she posts. With its followers increasing every day, Midas currently has over 45,000 Instagram supporters after the first picture was shared from the cat’s official handle.

As per a report by the Daily Mail, Midas, who was a stray kitten, got adopted by Canis and her family. They live with two affectionate Golden Retrievers; one is Suzy, who is 12-year-old and the other is Zenyo, who is 14.

In the Instagram account, Midas has become friends with the two pups and seems to have a good bond with them. In most of the images, the kitten is seen relaxing, playing with the duo, hugging and resting.


The images speak volumes about how the kitten has settled nicely in her new home, where she is recorded and captured relaxing on her bed and playing with her toys.

“She is a very playful cat, according to Dosemeci, who added that that feline is extremely friendly as well.

Reports suggest that the kitten was rescued by Dosemeci family, after a friend of the family discovered a stray mother cat who delivered six kittens in their garden. Among the many kittens, Midas was one of them.

For the unversed, Midas’s deformity might be the result of a genetic abnormality that has been inherited from its parents. Experts state that the additional ears do not help in hearing, and also do not cause any difficulty.

Along with the four ears, the kitten also has another adorable detail; she has an attractive white heart-shaped patch on the belly that is also attracting users.

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