UK hairdresser creates portrait of Prime Minister Boris Johnson using trimmed hair, leaves social media stunned


The hairdresser spent over 16 hours in creating the portrait, using a big black bag in which she kept all the hair that was cut from her friends, her family and her clients

A hairdresser in the United Kingdom came up with an extremely innovative idea of using human hair that was cut from her clients to create a portrait. Hairdresser Davinia Fox made a five-foot by three-foot portrait of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to create awareness about the importance of hairdressers in society.

She has also claimed that the portrait was a tribute to Johnson, who she believes “brought us through the pandemic”.

Fox of Rockwell Green, Somerset, has been working as a hairdresser since the past 26 years. However, she always felt that her profession was not valued the way it should have been.

Hence, Fox decided to make the presence of hairdressers felt by creating something that would remind people of their value. The hairdresser spent over 16 hours to create the portrait, using a big black bag in which she kept all the hair that was cut from her friends, her family and her clients. Since Fox wanted to create a portrait of the UK Prime Minister, she was specifically looking for blonde hair.

In order to resemble Johnson, she chose to pick scruffy blonde locks for the task. She shared the images of the portrait on her social media account, where it garnered mixed reactions. While many praised the image, some were put off by the bushy portrait.

The talented hair dresser said this was her lockdown project and she kept collecting golden locks during those short periods when coronavirus lockdown restrictions eased and shops were allowed to be re-open.

She said she carried out the task cautiously, adding that that her clients were unaware that she would sweep and keep their hair.

Fox felt that since her profession was not acknowledged and appreciated enough, she decided to show how much hair had grown on people during the lockdown and it would have been difficult to manage without hairdressers being around, adding that “now we’re essential”. She also stated that COVID-19 had helped people realize the importance of hairdressers in their lives.

Fox mentioned that there was a stigma around hairdressers and she decided to break it by giving something back to her community and profession.

The hairdresser knows that her portrait will be swept off one day but really wishes that Johnson will see a photograph of it or catch an actual glimpse of the portrait. According to her, the picture is a tribute to the Prime Minister for the work he did for his country during the pandemic.

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