446 suspected cases of mucormycosis reported so far in Karnataka


As many as 446 suspected cases of mucormycosis have been reported in Karnataka so far. According to statistics provided by the Department of Health and Family Welfare, there have also been 12 deaths.

Barring 11, who are under home isolation, the remaining patients are in hospitals. K. Sudhakar, Health and Family Welfare and Medical Education Minister, said on Monday that all the patients in home isolation too have been ordered to get hospitalised. Out of the 446 cases , the highest (99) has been reported from Dharwad. Bengaluru follows with 82 cases. The only district where no cases have been reported is Davangere.

Dr. Sudhakar said all the district hospitals have been prepared for treatment of mucormycosis. For treatment, the Centre has allocated 1,150 vials of Amphotericin B and the State government has already requested the provision of 20,000 vials, he said. He added that the shortage of medicines may be because there is a lot of demand. The government is expecting to get another 1,000 vials in a day or two.

A committee investigating the cause of black fungus infections has said contaminated water used in humidifiers, excessive use of steroids, unsterilised medical equipment, prolonged use of the same mask, tube, beds, etc. were the primary sources of this infection. The report has also recommended stoppage of building renovation work at COVID-19 hospitals, not allowing outsiders into ICU wards, and ensuring hygiene at clinical facilities. It has recommended that those who recover from COVID-19 undergo an ENT check-up on the third, seventh, and 21st day.

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